Samsung Galaxy Foldables Are Coming

Forget hints, rumors, and leaks, the new Samsung Galaxy foldables are coming. Multiple foldable devices that may “push the boundary of what’s possible” will be unveiled on August 10. This will be during Samsung Unpacked, according to a blog post from Samsung’s own leadership.

Samsung President Dr. TM Roh claims that after 10 million foldable smartphones were supplied last year. Or 9 million, depending on who you ask. “We’re reaching the time where foldable is widespread” in an editorial that was published late on Wednesday.

Samsung now intends to contribute to ensuring that spread with new foldables.  The company will introduce these on August 10 but doesn’t identify them.

Roh is most likely referring to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Or at the very least a particular version of those two folding Android phone designs. However, it’s also feasible that Samsung may make a few leaps with the names. Perhaps adding “Ultra” to one of them.


The new Samsung Galaxy foldables are coming

Furthermore, it’s possible that these new gadgets could push the boundaries of foldable design, at least based on Roh’s terminology. According to Roh, “This year, we’ve improved in every detail and introduced the new experiences made possible by these behavior-shifting technologies.”

The Z Flip, a more palm-sized foldable, and the Fold 4, a smartphone that unfolds into a small tablet, could, however, combine a little bit, with the Z Flip taking on some of the productivity features of the Fold and the Fold 4 gaining a little more of the Z Flip’s design flair.

Author Roh “I’m eager to demonstrate to you how our new Samsung Galaxy foldables may serve as the best instrument for both efficiency and creative expression. On a single device, you can now accomplish more than you ever imagined.”

The majority of reports about the upcoming Galaxy Fold 4 point to better screens, more cameras, and a redesigned hinge. The Z Flip 4 may see less drastic changes, though there may be a new camera hidden beneath the foldable screen.

Although Roh’s tweet appears to promise more than that, it could also be some marketing hyperbole to generate interest for what we have long believed will happen.

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