Google Improves Ads

Breaking: Google Improves Ads. It can be challenging to tell which advertisements are trustworthy and whether they originate from reputable companies or just ones with huge funds in a world where consumers are see more advertising than ever before.

Google estimates that 30 million individuals use its settings and transparency menu for advertising every day, showing that users are aware of and interested in the content they are exposed to.

The internet giant, whose activities cover numerous platforms, claims that the launch of its new Ads Transparency Center expands on that by compiling all the information a consumer could need about a particular campaign or advertiser in one location.



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Google Improves Ads

A user can examine past ads run by a particular company, the geographies that saw those ads, and history, including the most recent run date, in the Advertising Transparency Center.

Alejandro Borgia, Head of Product Management for Ads Safety, explains(opens in new tab) how a consumer might want to investigate more into an advertisement that caught their attention in order to discover more about the veracity and legitimacy of a brand.

This expands on other security precautions previously implemented by Google, such as the demand that election advertising has an in-ad disclosure of who paid for the ad and that it originates from a verified account.

While it is possible to access the Advertising Transparency Center directly, most users will probably use the three-dot menu on a given advertisement to see more details. Also available from this page are the options for liking, banning, and reporting advertising.

Although Borgia claims that Google will launch the new hub globally in the next weeks, the exact availability is unknown.

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