Google Meet Noise Cancellation

Google introduces new Google Meet noise cancellation to save the day. Thanks to the expansion of the noise reduction capability in the video conferencing software, Google Meet sessions will soon be more relaxing for phone users.

As part of a series of enhancements to Google Workspace, the company’s collection of productivity tools, participants who join meetings on their phones will now experience the same background noise cancellation as desktop users.

The technology, according to Google, “can erase background noises. Like typing, closing a door, room echo, or the sounds of a nearby construction site.” This is to enable participants to concentrate entirely without interruption. Also, it will make them easier to hear.



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Google Meet noise cancellation

The tech behemoth claims that it only eliminates sounds that cannot be identified as being made by a human voice. As a result, noise from other sources won’t be muffled.

Furthermore, it suggests turning off noise cancellation if additional sounds are required in your call. Such as the playing of musical instruments, in order for them to be picked up. This may be the reason why the feature is by default disabled for users who have a Google Workspace subscription in the educational tier.

You must tap or click the cog symbol to access the settings in order to turn on or off the noise canceling. Users of mobile devices ought to notice a noise-canceling option. Users of desktop or laptop computers will find this option in the settings’ audio section.

Noise cancellation is triggered for persons making phone calls into meetings.

“South Africa, UAE, and the immediately neighboring territories” are currently the only places where noise cancellation is currently unavailable. Also, Google notes that users of Pexip devices should consult the device manual to disable the feature. Which is switched on by default and should be turned off for individuals who use electrolarynxes.

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