Parks In California Close

Some parks in California close due to heavy snowfalls. Different parks which are now all covered in snow have since been shut down. And they might not be opened to the public till further notice.

“Please do not drive in the area or go around barricades. Travel in the eastern Mojave region is very unsafe.”, this was what Mojave National Preserve wrote on their websites, as all roads have been closed since Wednesday and will open until further notice.


Also on this list are

• Redwood National and State Parks: In far Northern California on the Pacific Coast, they wrote on their website “you’re still mostly out of luck. Due to multiple storms causing downed trees and power outages, there are closures throughout the park.”.

• Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: To the south of Yosemite, they wrote on their website “nearly all park roads remain closed while road crews continue working to recover from winter storms.”


Other parks in California close too…

Yosemite National Park: They wrote, our parks are buried under that much-frozen precip. As a result of the heavy downpour of snow, the entire park is closed and will be opened till further notice

While National Park Service (NPS) has yet to announce when it might open back up.

Pictures on a recent tweet from Yosemite’s official Twitter account show the pile-up, with some buildings half-buried.

On its website Thursday afternoon, the park said: “Yosemite has experienced significant snowfall in all areas of the park, resulting in snow depths up to 15 feet in some areas.

“Park crews are working to restore critical services so visitors can safely return. There is no estimated date for reopening.”



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Some other full and partial closures

Yosemite, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, is not the only NPS site affected by the recent winter storms. Others are also closed, either fully or partially.

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