PC Sales Decline

PC sales decline in alarming news in the first quarter of 2023. IDC’s industry analysts predict that PC sales in 2023 may be considerably worse than everyone had anticipated.

According to the market researchers’ most recent study, this year will see the shipment of 403.1 million PCs, down from the 429.5 million units that the company predicted late last year. This is a decline of 26 million units, or 11.2%, from the previous year.

IDC estimates that 142.3 million of the 403.1 million shipped units will be tablets. The remaining workstations are conventional ones, but every form factor is declining. The predicted decline for traditional PCs and tablets combined is 10.7%.


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PC sales decline: important elements

Lower demand and challenging macroeconomic conditions are, in IDC’s opinion, the two main causes of the decline in shipments. The recent year has seen the US currency increase, which has considerably reduced global purchasing power.

IDC stated in its report that the second half of 2022 “sent a strong signal that endpoint devices are no longer the focal point and that 2023 will be a time for inventory clearing and shifting priorities.” Consumers are no longer constrained by COVID restrictions, and commercial backorders for PCs have largely been fulfilled.

Yet, according to The Register, there are several market segments and potential future innovations that could support the growth of the PC market. For instance, schools may require new equipment. Corporations may also decide to purchase brand-new equipment as a result of the push toward Windows 11.

Hybrid work and 1:1 deployments in schools, according to research manager Jitesh Ubrani, “have permanently enlarged the size of the total addressable market” and “will remain a bright point.”

IDC predicts that when Windows 10 “sunsets,” sales will increase in 2024 and 2025. Microsoft is anticipated to stop providing support for the operating system in October 2025.

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