Google Spaces Competes With Slack

Google Spaces competes with Slack with a coming change. A recent Gmail change may make it much simpler to finally locate that crucial message or group conversation.

Users will be able to find and join group conversations, known as Spaces, on Google Workspace. This is thanks to a new feature that integrates with Gmail’s online search tool.

Users only need to enter a search term and push enter on the Gmail search window to find a space. A new option displaying related Spaces will now be available alongside the current search result fields for mail and messages.


Google Spaces competes with Slack: searching on Gmail

Google explains that in addition to the Spaces you have already joined, the results will also show Discoverable Spaces and Restricted Spaces that you have been invited to but have not yet joined.

Users will even have the option to preview a Space’s contents before joining. They can do this by selecting the “Preview” button next to each open space. A separate “Join” button will allow you to make your grand entrance.

A Google Workspace update blog announcing the launch said, “As the number of spaces within your organization continues to grow, we’re offering a better way for you to discover and find the exact space you’re looking for, while also providing a path to join spaces for specific teams, projects, shared interests, and more.”

The function is now being rolled out and will be accessible to all Google Workspace users. It will also be available to existing G Suite Basic and Business users and Google Account holders.

The information was released shortly after Google announced that Gmail searches would soon become much smarter as a result of new machine learning models. According to Google, these models should be able to provide more contextual suggestions with “intent matching,”. As well as with personalized results based on previous activity.

In order to “improve communication and collaboration for teams of all sizes,” the firm also recently revealed that up to 8,000 individuals can now be added to a Google Chat room, a significant increase from the previous cap of 400.

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