Google To Turn Old PCs And Macs Into Chromebooks

Google to turn old PCs and Macs into Chromebooks. Google has finally announced the release of ChromeOS Flex, a slimmer operating system that can revive your old PC or Mac by turning it into a device akin to a Chromebook.

ChromeOS Flex, which was first introduced back in February 2022, is now available for download. It is available on a wide variety of Windows and macOS devices. According to Google, it is especially useful for older machines and gives businesses and schools. In particular, more flexibility when it comes to their software choices.

On 295 authorized devices and even more that Google’s experts haven’t officially evaluated, the new operating system can be downloaded. Many MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, a ton of Dell and HP models, and a ton more are among the devices that Google has approved.


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Google to turn old PCs and Macs into Chromebooks: use ChromeOS on devices running Windows and Mac

In comparison to sun damage, Google contends that “software bloat, awkward hardware, and security flaws can create unintended damage.” Installing Google’s new ChromeOS Flex on older devices is the solution, or sunscreen as they like to call it.

The “cloud-first” software offers a simplified method to access Google Workspace tools like Gmail, Meet, and Google Docs. It has a similar appearance to the counterpart currently seen on Chromebook machines.

The upgrade procedure has been made as simple as possible. And ChromeOS Flex can be quickly installed over your business network or by USB.

According to the business, “devices don’t slow down over time,” which should help reduce e-waste. E-waste is estimated to be produced at a pace of 40 million tons annually worldwide, or 800 computers each second.

Additionally, the company claims that ChromeOS Flex should be 19% more energy-efficient on average in a blog post by Thomas Riedl, the director of products for enterprise and education. In order to maintain security protection, background updates will keep devices running the most recent ChromeOS Flex interface current.

Google is targeting this at corporations and educational institutions.  They should appreciate the good news that it will result in lower capital expenditures as devices survive longer. But given that many businesses rely on Windows- or macOS-only programs to complete tasks, it might not be appropriate for everyone.

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