Honor Magic 4 Lite Short Review

There’s much ado about Honor’s phones these days, so here’s our Honor Magic 4 Lite short review.

The Honor Magic 4 Lite has a striking appearance. It almost qualifies as a tablet because of its large 6.81-inch display, which is just nearly pocket-sized. Even though the sleek, black appearance is plasticky, it feels excellent in your hands. And it gives the sense that you are getting a premium product at a lower price.

That roughly sums up the Honor Magic 4 Lite’s market. It offers a lot and checks off many of the most critical boxes. Its price is reasonable at £319 (about $390 or AU$565).

This isn’t a hidden gem of a deal, though, as it also stumbles on a few occasions. You will need to make compromises and concentrate on what is most essential to you. Of course, this is the case with other phones at this price range.


Honor Magic 4 Lite: Review

Honor Magic 4 Lite still has a professional appearance. When you first set up our review unit, you’ll notice how sleek and sophisticated the black shell is. You’ll also see how quickly it performs thanks to the Snapdragon 695 5G chipset.

With a 1080 x 2388 resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, the 6.81-inch display appears incredibly promising. But it’s an LCD panel and it shows, occasionally providing terrible viewing angles, especially when used outside.

The camera arrangement is similarly impressive-looking but lackluster in performance, continuing the habit of appearing the part but falling short. Three lenses, including a primary 48MP sensor, a 2MP depth camera, and a 2MP macro lens, are in a circle on the rear of the device. A 16MP selfie camera on the front of the device occupies a tiny cutout at the top of the display.

Photos are generally clear, although the colors aren’t always true. To get the most out of the Honor Magic 4 Lite, you’ll need to make a few small but required modifications here and there. The depth and macro lenses won’t produce anything particularly impressive either, which is to be expected given their pricing.

The Honor Magic 4 Lite performs better in terms of battery life. With a 4,800mAh battery, this phone easily lasts the entire day and, depending on usage, is a little bit longer. The phone also comes with a 66W charger, making charging quick and convenient.

With Android 12 coming shortly, Honor has promised that the Magic 4 Lite would ship with Android 11. However, even Android 12 won’t be the most recent version of Android for very long. So this won’t be the phone for someone looking for the newest technology.

The Magic 4 Lite still provides some helpful items, even at this cost. When compared to rivals like the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC, it is far from essential, However, some customers may be persuaded by its sizable screen, respectable performance, and long battery life.

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