How Outlook’s Update Can Help You

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You might be wondering how Outlook’s update can help you. With the aid of a fresh Outlook update, Microsoft hopes to assist users in finding some peace and quiet. Now they can be more productive.

In order to focus on those important tasks, the email client is introducing “Focus Time”. This will enable users to turn off all notifications for a predetermined amount of time.

Users will be able to set aside time in their Outlook calendar to have some peace and quiet. According to a company update on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap. By doing this, users will be disconnected from two of the most obtrusive sources of notifications for many workers. Namely, Outlook and Microsoft Teams.


How Outlook’s update can help you: focus period

Users will be able to block off “focus events” directly from their Outlook calendar. This should be accessible to anyone else with access to that calendar. As a result, coworkers, clients, and other people should respect your privacy.

The update’s proposed public availability date is January 2023, however, it is currently still described as being “in development.” Microsoft hopes to make the feature available to Outlook users on the web, desktop, iOS, and Android when it is deployed.

The information is somewhat reminiscent of a feature that Google Workspace had previously added to its calendar app. Users can set aside times with its “concentration-time” option so they can avoid meetings and focus on their work during such times.

Users will be able to automatically decline appointments by adding such a note to their Google Calendar, so there won’t be a rush to finish their job before a meeting.

By improving its “booking page” system, where users can display their availability with other contacts, by adding a new Share button for easier sharing, the company’s calendar app is also making it easier to spot some free time for an appointment or meeting. This feature could boost smaller businesses.

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