Metaverse Could Lead To New Crimes

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The Metaverse could lead to new crimes. According to a recent Interpol warning, the metaverse might be used to aid several more dangerous types of cybercrime. This is in addition to facilitating crime in the physical world.

Madan Oberoi, Interpol’s executive director for technology and innovation, said that member nations are growing more concerned about potential metaverse crime and are actively considering potential solutions.

The metaverse might be misused in a variety of ways, he claimed. “Some of the crimes may be new to this medium, some of the existing crimes would be allowed by the medium and brought to a new level.”


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Metaverse could lead to new crimes: advanced phishing

When virtual reality and augmented reality are included, phishing may take on a completely new meaning. According to Oberoi, at least. Furthermore, the importance of the issue of kid protection cannot be overstated.

Threat actors can also utilize virtual worlds to prepare for and practice actual attacks in the future. “Terrorist groups may use a physical area to plot, simulate, and launch their attacks before attacking,”. Or so the statement reads.

With the help of virtual reality and the map-making features seen in many games, thieves could be able to examine particular sites in terrifying detail.

While claiming to be on track to combat future crime, Europol recently issued a warning. It says that if the metaverse uses blockchain technology to record user interaction, this might be possible.  “To follow everything someone does base on one interaction with them,” which could be useful information for stalkers or extortionists.

Bitcoin(opens in new tab) and other cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, which maintains data in a decentralized ledger that is impermeable to corruption.

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