Apple Updates Security

Tech giant Apple updates security. The company has introduced a new security hub and an improved bounty-hunting program.

“Over 1.8 billion active devices worldwide are protected by our cutting-edge security technology. The new website offers the opportunity to “hear about the most recent developments in Apple security from our engineering teams.” “It gives us your own research and works directly with us to be acknowledged and rewarded for helping to keep our users safe.

Apple announced an improvement to the company’s reward program. It’s claiming it has sped up response times and streamlined issue reporting and communication.

Apple updates security: monitoring progress

“First off, we’re responding a lot faster. We’ve expanded our workforce and worked hard to be able to finish an initial examination of nearly every report we receive within two weeks, and most within six days, because at times we received a lot more submissions than we anticipated, the business said.

“A new feature on our Apple Security Research website allows users to submit research online and receive real-time status updates. To submit a thorough report, simply log in with your Apple ID and follow the on-screen instructions. Following that, you may monitor the status of your report and connect safely with Apple experts as we look into it.

According to Apple, the program will also be more transparent. The website provides thorough information about the Apple Security Bounty as well as standards for evaluation. In order to help bounty hunters decide where to focus their research and what kind of payment they can anticipate, bounty categories offer ranges and examples. It states, “We’ve specified ranges for proposals that affect both our products and Apple services and infrastructure.”

Visit this page for more information on the bounty hunting program, the Security Research Device applications, which are now open, and supplementary knowledge blogs.

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