How To Fix Android Auto On Your Galaxy S22

Samsung’s new phone has a problem we’ve all heard about. So here’s how to fix Android Auto on your galaxy s22.

Unquestionably top-notch, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 models include the powerful S22 Ultra. This is presently first on my list of the best smartphones of 2022.

Despite all of the S22 series’ advantages, one drawback has dogged the line’s devices ever since its introduction. Numerous users have reported poor to completely useless cabled Android Auto connectivity.

You can include this writer among them since I had to switch back to a different phone. This is owing to the S22 Ultra’s slideshow-like Android Auto performance. It frequently froze, stuttered, or lagged (if it even managed to connect in the first place). This was especially annoying while using Google Maps for navigation, as it occasionally caused missed turns.


Can you do anything to fix Android Auto on your Galaxy s22??

Google made an effort to remedy the problem with Android Auto’s v7.7 update. This only managed to cause new issues for people who weren’t previously experiencing any. Many users have reported experiencing blank screens after connecting.

The Android Auto software on this writer’s device is still stuck at version 7.6 for whatever reason. Possibly related to the fact that it is located in Australia. Even if the v7.7 update had been installed, there is no guarantee that the problems would have been resolved.

The good news is that there is a way for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S22 to completely skip Android Auto v7.7 and move right on to the beta version of v7.8. You don’t even need to be a participant in Google’s beta testing program to accomplish so.

You need only sideload the most recent Android Auto beta APK (Android Package Kit) to accomplish this. For yours, installing the program in this manner entirely resolved the problem. And it is very simple to do so. On your Galaxy S22 mobile, follow these instructions to fix Android Auto.


How to install an APK on an Android device

Before installing an APK from an external source, you might want to backup your Samsung Galaxy S22 if you’re the overly anxious sort.

Nevertheless, we are very convinced that the APK we choose to install will not damage our smartphone because it is a reliable beta version made by Google LLC and has been deemed secure by its reputable host site, APKMirror(opens in new tab).

Open this link in the internet browser on your smartphone, then touch the sizable “Download APK” button to begin installing the Android Auto 7.8.1222 beta. A notification claiming that “A more current upload may be available” may appear below the button, however for the time being stick with Android Auto 7.8.1222 because we can personally attest to its efficacy.

A pop-up will inform you to “only download this file if you trust its source” and that “this type of file may destroy your phone.” Tap “Download” to start installing the 35.58MB file because we’ve already installed this APK and can attest to its safety.

A pop-up will prompt you to allow your browser permission to continue the installation if this is the first APK you’ve tried to install on your S22. The installation will be finished in a matter of seconds once you have given it permission.

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