5 in demand tech skills to learn in 2023

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in demand tech skills

In demand tech skills to learn in 2023

In demand tech skills are skills that are highly sought after, it’s guaranteed that one will get a job when they learn these skills, although not immediate, but they will definitely get a job.

The world is constantly changing, learning a tech skill isn’t enough, one has to learn an in demand tech skill to help them secure a job in the future.

Below are 5 in demand skills we have listed for you

Artificial Intelligence:

This is the process whereby machines have the abilities to perform tasks that are associated with human intelligence.

These tasks includes human speech such as Siri and Alexa, Creative tools such as Chatgpt and Bard.

Leaning Artificial Intelligence as a tech skill will open a world of opportunities for you across different industries.


UI stands for user interface and UX stands for user experience, UI is the buttons, patterns, colors of an app or a website while UX refers to how an individual feels about using a product.

The overall experience that a user gets when using a product is the UX.

UIUX has fast become an in demand tech because companies are looking for UI/UX designers to design user friendly products.

Cyber security:

Cyber security is a body of technologies designed to protect devices and data from cyber theft.

In recent times, a lot of companies have been victims of cyber theft, this is why a career cyber security is important.

More businesses are beginning to go digital, there is need to protect these businesses from cyber theft.

Leveraging on this and learning a skill in cyber security will open career opportunities for you.

Data Analytics:

The world is data driven, every industry makes use of data, data is needed to make decisions.

Companies need data to create effective marketing strategy.

Data is needed to know the trends of how things have been happening and also to predict what will happen.

A skill in data analytics will set you apart in during job hunt, this is because many industries are in need of a data analyst to analyze data for them.


it’s good to learn a tech skill but always ensure you are learning an in demand tech skill

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