Learn A New Language With Microsoft Teams

Did you know you may now be able to learn a new language with Microsoft Teams? Being perplexed by a Microsoft Teams message in a foreign language may soon be a thing of the past

For customers of Microsoft Teams Mobile, the video conferencing platform is planning to introduce so-called “intelligent translation.”

Users will soon be able to immediately translate messages into foreign languages, ensuring there are never any delays or errors. The service will be available to Android and iOS users.


Learn a new language with Microsoft Teams mobile translation

The tool will now “ask you to translate communications that are not in your language,” the company writes.

They didn’t mention which specific languages are in this new capability. But a wide variety is probably going to be available. According to Microsoft, the feature should be live in August 2022. This means that users of Android and iOS are only a few weeks away.

The information represents the newest development for Microsoft Teams and its global user connection features. In order to improve collaboration around the world, the business first revealed plans to roll out real-time “Inline” translation for mobile Teams users back in May 2021.

The business implemented Z-Code back in March 2022. A fresh AI innovation that vastly enhances the caliber of production translation models. Z-Code, which has already been integrated into the company’s Microsoft Translator software. And a number of other Azure AI services, allows the development of AI systems that are capable of speaking, seeing, hearing, and understanding.

Earlier this year, Microsoft Teams was able to offer a new type of real-time translation functionality to desktop video meetings. It came with a new feature that gave access to a vast network of expert translators who phone into meetings on demand.

Users of Microsoft Teams can choose between the original audio feed and the interpreter’s translation via a drop-down menu once a session has started.

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