License Conditions For Microsoft European Cloud Provider

There have been updates to the license conditions for Microsoft European Cloud Provider. Microsoft has declared that it will change allegedly discriminatory licensing conditions. These apply to several of its most well-known software products.

We determined early this year, that the conditions of the computer giant’s software licensing were unjust. This occurred during conversations between the business and other European cloud provider partner representatives.

Microsoft has now announced that these conditions will change, with the new versions taking effect on October 1, 2022.


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License conditions for Microsoft European Cloud Provider

“We strongly believe in the value of an open and competitive cloud economy in Europe. And we are dedicated to competing fairly and in partnership with the varied range of European cloud providers,” said the company in a blog post.

Microsoft addressed worries in May 2022 that its software licensing policies had a negative effect on rivals in the cloud business in various European nations.

More than four months after the first statement, the corporation is now ready to implement changes to its conditions. These intend to “enable these partners to be more competitive and develop their companies.”

Making it simpler to execute software on partner cloud solutions is the first of Microsoft’s three objectives. And this includes better support for multi-tenant servers and simpler virtual machine licensing for Windows Server. This will be accomplished by doing away with the present demand that customers possess a Microsoft 365 F3, E3, or E5 license.

Second, by delivering more affordable solutions, the company hopes to expand the chances for collaboration between its partners and clients. Last but not least, Microsoft wants to “enable” its partners to create hosted solutions.

The efforts listed above, according to Smith’s May 2022 statement, are “quite broad but not necessarily exhaustive,”. Suggesting that other steps could help lessen Microsoft’s competitive edge in the cloud market.

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