Meta Business Suite Launches

Meta Business Suite launches soon to replace Facebook Creator Studio. In order to consolidate its offerings, Meta is apparently in the midst of closing down its Facebook Creator Studio.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, and market analyst tweeted a screenshot announcing the move. He wrote, “Creator Studio is going away soon and will be replaced by Meta Business Suite.”

While Meta Business Suite has long been the preferred choice for Page admins, Creator Studio has promised to be a special place where content producers can organize publishing, monitor performance, and handle revenue.


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Meta Business Suite launches to replace Facebook Creator Studio

The firm said, “We’re actively working to bring Meta’s creator tools together in one location.” And it has since published a support page for the creator tools that are planned to be housed within the Meta Business Suite.

Similar to Creator Studio, Business Suite gives users the ability to manage any Facebook and Instagram pages that qualify. It offers tools for creating and scheduling posts, stories, and advertisements as well as communicating privately with customers and audiences. Additionally, insights and analytics are accessible. And the company stated: “When you switch, you can access all of your content and data.”

For convenience when traveling, Meta Business Suite can be accessed online or through specialized apps for smartphones and tablets.

While TikTok continues to be a popular content-first tool for many start-ups and influencers looking to break into their industry and gain traction, and Twitter continues to be mired in controversy over its new ownership and paid verification stamps, it is still too early to tell whether the change will affect how creators use the Meta-owned platforms for publishing.


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