This Product Family Is All You Need?

With upcoming changes to 365, It could very well be that this product family is all you need? Microsoft 365 has made plans to give its software users more for free in a world where subscriptions are either getting more expensive. Higher-end capabilities are becoming the exclusive domain of more expensive tiers.

The company currently offers a “OneDrive Standalone 100GB” plan over the 5GB free plan. Only a modest amount of cloud storage and online access to the Microsoft 365 apps are included for £1.99/$1.99 per month.

To entice more consumers away from its free plan, the business has revealed additional features coming later this year. The plan is scheduled to be activated and rebranded as Microsoft 365 Basic on January 30, 2023.


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This product family is all you need?

This will contain brand-new, high-tech security features like password protection for shared links and ransomware recovery.

Additionally, the company will include access to support specialists that are now only available with Microsoft’s more expensive plans. This comes along with an ad-free and secure email service with Outlook.

According to Microsoft corporate VP Liat Ben-Zur in a blog post, the business has consistently prioritized keeping the pricing the same throughout the years.

Since Microsoft began providing consumer-facing Office subscriptions ten years ago, some features have been modified. But the pricing for the Personal and Family plans has not altered. However, Gareth Oystryk, director of product marketing for Microsoft 365, said in a statement to The Verge that future pricing changes shouldn’t be ruled out.

Beginning in February, all account types will also receive a streamlined storage breakdown. This will highlight a user’s allocation to various services including OneDrive and Outlook.

The Office software for Microsoft, iOS, and Android will finally change to the Microsoft 365 app this month. This is an effort to complete a process that began last year.


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