New Nothing Wireless Earbuds

So you’ve seen the leaks about the new Nothing wireless earbuds? In addition to launching its highly anticipated phone (1) later this month, it appears that enigmatic new hardware company Nothing will also soon release an updated version of their Nothing Ear (1) headphones.

The news about Black Edition of Nothing’s noise-canceling earbuds came out earlier this year. It marked a significant improvement over the initial 2021 release.

Renowned leaker Mukul Sharma posted a picture of what appears to be a significantly modified pair of TWS earbuds. They were the Nothing Ear (1) Stick. It now appears that a further improved version is on the way.

The supposed new earphones maintain the transparent shape of the originals. The only visual distinction between them and their forerunners is the presence of two dots at the bottom. This is instead of the “Nothing Ear (1)” and “Ear (1) Stick” branding.

The obvious alteration is accompanied by what appears to be a brand-new chewing gum pack size casing that holds the buds. This new transparent casing appears to be the source of the moniker for the new range.

The images have led some commentators to wonder whether the Stick earbuds could do away with Ear (1)’s silicone tips. Many have suggested that they could be a lower-end model. So, similar to Apple’s tipless Airpods, which are in turn positioned beneath their more expensive silicon-sporting, noise-canceling AirPod Pros.

New Nothing wireless earbuds won’t be cheap, but will they be a good deal?

It’s rather heartening to see that Nothing may be set to introduce a product that won’t cost the earth. That is because most of the hype around OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s new startup now centers on the outrageous amounts people have bid on the company’s yet-to-be-launched first mobile phone.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation of the rumors around the leaked images. But it would make sense if Nothing were to release a less expensive, non-noise-canceling version of their earbuds. This would put Nothing on par with Apple’s current range of headphones.

It would be great to see a more affordable version of the Ear (1) that kept the superb sound quality of the Black Edition earbuds that came out earlier this year. As well as the tidy, more ergonomic case is a great design.

Whatever the “Truth” is, it’s likely we will see it on July 12 during Nothing’s first official keynote event. Follow Naysblog for complete coverage of the event.

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