The Face Of GWC Tech Hub Contest 2022

The Global World Connection Tech Hub is an innovation and incubation center in Enugu State. It provides a facility and platform for small businesses and start-ups as well as seasoned establishments and franchisees to grow, promote and push their enterprises to the next level.

The efforts of the GWC have been great lately and with great traction building as the best of the best in Nigeria’s southeast clamber and clamor for its services, the time has come for this hotbed of entrepreneurship to have an icon in the public eye. A face that, in all its dignified splendor and beauty, represents the ambitious and glamourous promises and prospects the GWC Tech Hub stands for.

Consequently, the Global World Connection Tech Hub, in typical fashion has chosen to make this a contest so that all may have a chance to represent the southeast’s most promising tech revolution. As such, and with no small amount of anticipation, the hub brings you The Face Of GWC Tech Hub Online contest. A virtual competition in which eager and enthusiastic individuals who think they have what it takes to win and have their faces front-and-center of the Hub’s promotions can register.

The contest begins very soon and you can find out more about this as well as register on the Global World Connection Tech Hub’s official website. Do not miss perhaps the chance of a lifetime. Register now!

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