Tor Finally Supports Apple Silicon

Big news as Tor finally supports Apple Silicon. The anonymous Tor browser just received an update that includes improvements for Android smartphones. This is alongside native compatibility for Apple Silicon-equipped devices.

In order to determine which architecture to utilize depending on whether an Apple M1 or M2 or Android device is being used, the new Tor browser uses a universal binary that includes both x86-64 and ARM64 architectures. As a result, Tor should now operate more efficiently on Apple Mac PCs.

Since Tor 12.0 is based on Mozilla’s Firefox version 102, it shares many of the same security updates and fixes. The browser promises not to monitor your online activity and to stop others from doing the same. It is focused on protecting user privacy and anonymity.


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Tor finally supports Apple Silicon: Android is becoming more popular too

With only intermittent updates to the browser on this platform, Tor hasn’t been all that interested in developing for Android. However, Tor now promises that this is changing.

Tor stated that it had “been working hard to continue frequent updates for Android, and improve the app’s stability”. This was mentioned in a statement accompanying the launch of the 12.0 browser. Beginning the porting of high-priority features that have just been released for desktop to Android is the next step.

The HTTPS-only mode for Android in Tor 12.0 is another new feature. This enables the browser to connect to websites by default using the secure HTTPS protocol rather than the insecure HTTP protocol.

Additionally, Android versions now have the option to prioritize .onion websites, which results in users being immediately forwarded to .onion-compatible versions of websites. Tor set up these domains in an effort to make it more difficult to track connections to and from the website.

With version 12.0, language packs are also now accessible, enabling users to switch between languages instantly. Before, each Tor instance for a given language had to be downloaded.

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