Upgrades To Microsoft’s Whiteboard

There are some coming upgrades to Microsoft’s Whiteboard. That’s right, Microsoft’s “intelligent canvas” program for online collaboration, Whiteboard, is about to receive a number of improvements.

Whiteboard users will soon benefit from a variety of new capabilities. From the ability to embed video content and post comments to boards to a timer to assist support structured activities. This is according to a selection of new entries to the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

The new functions should begin to appear over the coming months in fits and starts. But by the end of the year, all customers should be able to use them.

Upgrades to Microsoft’s Whiteboard

In the ongoing arms race between Microsoft and other competitors in the remote collaboration, productivity, and video conferencing area, the most recent updates to the Microsoft 365 suite can be considered as a component.

Since the pandemic, businesses have pushed to offer consumers the broadest range of resources to promote remote worker cooperation. And, more recently, to enable hybrid working arrangements when employees are dispersed across several locations.

Although the Microsoft Whiteboard upgrades might seem inconsequential in isolation, they give coworkers another way to communicate and solve issues over distance. Additionally, they serve a segment of the workforce that thrives on visual stimuli.

Additionally, they support a number of recent improvements. Such as the capability to offer polished presentations over Teams, share pre-recorded video messages, and use voice dictation to create documents and emails. They contribute to the general progress of Microsoft’s software suite.

Data gathered by TechRadar Pro shows that Microsoft continues to have a sizable advantage over Google. Currently, 58.2% of US firms utilize Microsoft 365 as their productivity suite of choice, while only 15% use Google Workspace.

But when it came to the real-time collaboration paradigm, where software is delivered via the cloud and has been crucial since the shift to remote and hybrid working, Google grabbed a march on Microsoft.

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