Wallet For Microsoft Edge

Introducing a wallet for Microsoft Edge. Microsoft is developing a wallet feature for its Edge web browser, which runs on Chromium. This might provide customers significant discounts.

The ability to securely keep your credit card information has been a feature of Microsoft Edge for some time.

With some extra advantages, the new upgrade aims to make using Microsoft Edge for online purchasing even easier. All while challenging solutions like Apple Wallet.


Wallet for Microsoft Edge

The business continued by saying that, as always, the card information is configured to be stored securely. Meaning that not even Microsoft should have access to it.

Microsoft claims it won’t collaborate with credit card networks or share information with other businesses. But according to Windows Latest, the company plans to integrate its Bing Rebates program to suggest coupons automatically. Much like the Honey browser plugin.

According to Windows Latest, such a strategy might result in user savings of at least $50 annually. Other advantages cited include the automatic use of coupons at the point of purchase. As well as Bing Rebates reimbursement when applicable, and customized shopping offers.

Although Microsoft appears to be using its A/B testing methodology, not all testers will be able to use the Edge Wallet right now. The product is presently being tested for users on the Canary Channel.

Additionally, it appears that the service is just accessible to users in the US, but it is anticipated that this will expand to additional nations in the upcoming months.

The Wallet will initially be accessible to Edge users on both the most recent version of Windows 11 and Windows 10 as well.

Although the browser is available for macOS, iOS, and Android, these versions are probably going to be delayed in their release. At that point, users should be able to take advantage of the data syncing automatically between devices, much like how Apple Keychain automatically fills in payment information for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users.

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