How To Use 2022’s Raspberry Pi OS

Let’s talk about how to use 2022’s Raspberry Pi OS. Owners of the Raspberry Pi will soon be able to utilize a new operating system. One that is expected to offer major upgrades to this extremely customizable computing device in a number of areas.

An upgraded camera interface and better tools are included in the most recent release of the Debian-based operating system. This will enable you to use your Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point.

As usual, there are a ton of additional enhancements, including a ton of tiny, under-the-hood upgrades.


2022’s Raspberry Pi OS

The NetworkManager program, which is already used by other Linux distributions, will take the place of the readily changed “dhcphd” file type for managing networking. This may suit those interested in using their Pi devices to develop WAPs. ‘dhcphd’ still exists for the time being. But NetworkManager will probably take over as the standard tool in the future.

NetworkManager is praised for connecting to networks with concealed SSIDs more easily than its ‘dhcphd’ cousin. And for making handling VPNs easier.

The enhanced PiCamera2 Python module has taken the place of PiCamera in terms of the camera interface. According to reports, this should be simpler to use. But those who prefer the more manual command line interface through the terminal will still have access to the libcamera library.

The advantages of PiCamera2, according to Simon Long, “warrants its own blog post with a thorough description.”

Multiple devices may be used in a business setting. This is because, for many people, utilizing a Raspberry Pi mostly entails putting it up for a single specific purpose and letting it operate in the background. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth menu access without the need for a mouse is still a crucial feature, and the audio input controls have been rearranged to further increase accessibility.

On the Raspberry Pi website, where you may download the most recent version to install on a compatible Pi device, you can get a complete list of all the changes.

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