Whatsapp Plus+

Millions of people use WhatsApp every day to stay in touch with their friends and family, and the latest upgrade includes improvements in the form of WhatsApp Plus+.

We’ll explain what WhatsApp Plus is and how it works in this article.

How can I get WhatsApp Plus+?

You must download it through Google Play, which is only available for Android devices.


  • To install, first, uninstall the basic WhatsApp app and then follow the instructions below:
  • Look for the V17.50 version of the software as an installer file in Google Chrome. To avoid downloading any virus or malware, double-check the URL on the page.
  • On the current page, click “Install WhatsApp Plus”. Grant the browser all permissions.
  • If you see a notification stating that the application cannot be installed, remove all WhatsApp-related data from your phone. Do this through your phone’s application settings.
  • You’ll need to give a phone number so it can link your contacts once you’ve downloaded it.


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What are the new features?

More emojis, a wide range of customization options for backgrounds, calls, menus, and other features, such as the ability to share files without reducing the quality of photos received over WhatsApp, are among the improvements.


Who is eligible to use WhatsApp Plus?

This new application is only available to users of the Android operating system.

Is it safe to use this alternate WhatsApp version?
Yes, as far as we know, using the alternative version of WhatsApp is secure.

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