Windows 11 Gaining Popularity

Windows 11 slowly gaining popularity is great news for the people over at Microsoft to take into the new year. Despite the fact that there is still a long way to go before Windows 11 is widely adopted by businesses, companies like Accenture and L’Oreal are leading the charge.

According to Statcounter, 16.93% of PCs worldwide were running Windows 11 in December 2022. This represents a slow but steady increase from the 15% adoption rate that Statcounter reported in October 2022. And that TechRadar Pro reported in early November of the same year.

Steve Keynhans, wasn’t concerned when he spoke to The Register, despite the fact that these numbers first appeared low. He kept insisting that they are in the “correct ballpark.”


Windows 11 gaining popularity: adoption of Windows 11 has a troubled history

Less than 1% of PCs had switched to Windows 11 by November 2021. This was reported a month after the operating system’s debut by Lansweeper analysis.

Comparing that number to the most recent adoption rates does indicate that it will be difficult to convince companies to upgrade their business PCs to Windows 11 in order to improve their security posture.

Prior to an operating system’s End of Life, organizations must upgrade the operating systems on their PCs.

On October 15, 2025, Windows 10 is scheduled to reach the End of Life. However, according to the Statcounter statistics we reported in November 2022, Microsoft Windows was installed on 70% of computers.

In November 2022, Microsoft issued a warning stating that a number of security trends, including ransomware and phishing assaults, are “going in the wrong direction.” It is crucial for businesses to keep their computers secure by installing operating system updates.

Though 40% of devices evaluated within 60,000 firms were ineligible for an upgrade to Microsoft’s most recent operating system, TechRadar Pro reported on the long-standing issue that many processors within corporate PCs don’t support Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 compatibility in October 2022.


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