Carnival Cruise Rescued

The first National Security Cutter, Bertholf, performs sea trials in Mobile Bay, Ala, Feb. 08, 2008. After meeting all requirements the cutter will be homported in Alameda, Ca. U.S. Coast Guard photo by PAC Tom Sperduto

USA coastguard confirmed carnival cruise rescued. A brother and sister left for a location appropriate for the holiday season in the early hours after the Carnival Valor departed New Orleans on Thanksgiving eve. They went to an onboard bar.

Naturally, the man eventually left to use the restroom. But he never returned.

Hours went by.

He was not in his cabin.

Simply put, the 28-year-old had disappeared.

At least one seasoned mariner was shocked by what transpired next. In hindsight, he described it as “one of those Thanksgiving miracles” because of the astounding result. Which was unlike anything he had ever seen.


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Carnival cruise rescued: an aerial and maritime search is conducted

According to the sister, her brother left at approximately 11 p.m., Carnival spokesperson Matt Lupoli said in a statement to CNN on Thursday.

She reported him missing at noon on Thanksgiving Day, according to the statement. Both have not been named by authorities.

Passenger Mike Anderson told CNN on Thursday that announcements across the ship urging the missing person to check in with guest services were heard, and that people “noticed security starting to search the boat with a photo of the missing (passenger’s) in their phones.”

A final check-in request was sent out at about 2:00, he said.

According to Anderson, passengers were informed that the arrival time to their port of call in Cozumel, Mexico, would be delayed. One of the ship’s pools was drained, according to his wife Whitney Gaines, but they said that no official statement about what had transpired had yet been made.

Anderson reported that the ship then made a U-turn.

Lupoli said, “Carnival Valor retraced its path to assist the search and rescue.”

Then, around 2:30 PM, the ship called the Coast Guard, according to a statement from Coast Guard Lt. Phillip VanderWeit.

There was a missing cruiser.

A multi-crew search for the man was soon underway, he said, both by air and by sea.

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