Gun In Chicken At Airport

More strange news as gun in chicken at airport finds its way to TSA. The TSA is calling “personal fowl” after they a gun discovered inside a raw chicken at an airport screening checkpoint.

The Transportation Security Administration labeled this week’s Instagram photo, “The plan chickens,” after someone at the organization made a pun about the “baste of time” that is stuffing a fowl with a gun.

According to a TSA representative for the Gulf area Sari Koshetz, the traveler was going to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Because it is an “ongoing criminal case which has been accepted for prosecution.” This is according to Nestor Iglesias, a spokeswoman for Homeland Security Investigations, the investigative branch of the US Department of Homeland Security. He was unable to provide more information.



Gun in chicken at airport: Florida’s growing airport security issues

Florida TSA checkpoints have seen a record influx of firearms in 2022. According to a TSA news release, passengers have taken more than 700 weapons to checkpoints at airports in the state so far this year, which is higher than any previous year.

At 12 Florida airports, there are new records, with Orlando (129 guns), Fort Lauderdale (120 guns), and Tampa (102 guns) airports topping the pack.

The TSA claimed that almost all of the firearms found at checkpoints were loaded and the majority had ammo chambered.

In a statement, the TSA’s Koshetz warned that an unintentional discharge “may bring about disaster.” Before passing through the security checkpoint, “every passenger bears the duty of knowing exactly where their gun is.”

The TSA has arrested many travelers who brought firearms to airports, and given them court dates.

According to the TSA’s news release, civil fines could total $13,910 even if they don’t detain the traveler.

It is necessary to pack firearms in checked luggage. On its website, the TSA specifies the regulations that apply to weapons and ammunition.

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