How To Use The US Visa Status Check Portal

Do you know how to use the US visa status check portal? You have applied for a visa to the US, so it is time to locate the portal for checking the status of your application. You can apply for NATO, A, or G visa renewals, get information about your application status, and access other services pertaining to visas through this portal.

The US Visa Immigration Service has set up an official website to make it easier for applicants to view their information and apply for an immigrant or non-immigrant visa from the comfort of their own homes. If you have already applied, you can check the status of your visa by entering your Case ID or Application Number when you log into the US visa application status check portal.

This website will enable you to pay any fees associated with the visa you have applied for, whether it is a non-immigrant visa or an immigrant visa, in addition to the services stated above. Following this advice will put you on the right path if you want to find out how to check your status after applying or where other candidates go to verify their visa status.



Advantages of knowing how to use the US Visa Status Check Portal

Many aspects of travel, including the application process for US visas, have been made simpler by the usage of this service. As a new user, you will be eager to learn more about what the status check portal can accomplish and how to resolve it.

  • You can submit an application for an immigrant visa via this official website.
  • Also, submitting a non-immigrant visa application via the official website is a definite thing.
  • Depending on the type of visa they are asking for, applicants can now pay fees for both immigration and non-immigrant visas.
  • The most crucial aspect is that you can use the application ID you received upon submitting your application to monitor the status of your US Visa application.

Because you can now check the progress of your visa application online, the entire visa application process has become incredibly straightforward. Get your case number prepared if you are prepared for this discovery. It is the number that the embassy or consulate provided to you.

Those who filed for their visas online would have gotten them as soon as they submitted the paperwork. Let’s now concentrate on the visa status check portal and how to use it.


United States Visa Application Status Checker

Both websites and URLs designated as the visa checking portal are abundant online. Avoid being duped by these phony establishments. If you don’t want your application to be delayed and altered, don’t even try to enter your information into them.

According to official records, the sole website where foreign nationals planning to enter the US can log in to monitor the status of their visa applications, pay related costs, request a visa renewal, or obtain new visa application forms is



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How to check the status of my visa application online

It’s one thing to know the appropriate website, but it’s quite another to verify your status. Get ready to verify your immigrant or non-immigrant visa status if you have your application ID or case number handy. You must verify the one for which you applied.

  • When you go to the status check website that we have previously recommended and linked to.
  • Choose the immigrant or non-immigrant visa type you applied for from the list of choices.
  • If you choose an immigrant visa, enter your case number here because a new page has appeared.
  • But, if you choose a non-immigrant visa, a drop-down choice will ask you where you are from.
  • Enter the case number exactly as it appears on your document after selecting your location.
  • By entering the ReCaptcha code, you may demonstrate that you are a person.
  • Verify your information on the screen to make sure it belongs to you.
  • Use the “submit” button to view the status of your visa application after the confirmation.

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