GitHub Removes Twitter Source Code Repository

Breaking: GitHub Removes Twitter Source Code Repository

After it was discovered that a repository on the developer platform hosted by Microsoft’s GitHub had Twitter source code, the repository was removed.

The action was taken as a result of a DCMA takedown request being issued by a Twitter employee to GitHub against the user known as “FreeSpeechEnthusiast,” who probably used that name as a challenge to the social media platform’s CEO Elon Musk, who has occasionally described himself as a free speech absolutist.

Uncertainty surrounds whose code made it to GitHub and how long it was accessible, but Twitter petitioned GitHub to assist it in locating “FreeSpeechEnthusiast” in a filing with the District Court of Northern California.



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GitHub Removes Twitter Source Code Repository: Twitter breach

Twitter urged GitHub to save account activity, such as upload, download, and access history, along with contact information, IP addresses, and other session information, before removing the repository. In an effort to aid Twitter in apprehending the offender, the request is extended to any forks of the repository.

According to TechRadar Pro, GitHub “usually does not comment on choices to remove content.” Nonetheless, every DMCA takedown request is shared publicly in the interest of openness.

As promised by the CEO himself, we got a “Pile of Poo” emoji from Twitter. An automatic response sent in good humor to deflect attention away from the reality that the corporation has let go a sizable chunk of its staff, including the communications department.

The timing of this occurrence is problematic because Musk had pledged to make Twitter’s algorithm for suggesting tweets open source; however, this promise may be postponed or withdrawn in light of the GitHub controversy.

Twitter has been frequently in the headlines since the Musk period, primarily due to the contentious decisions that have been taken. Although believing it will one day grow into a multibillion-dollar enterprise, Musk values the platform at less than half of what he reportedly paid for it.


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