Ride-Hailing Alternatives To Bolt And Uber In Nigeria

Ride-Hailing Alternatives To Bolt And Uber In Nigeria

Ride-Hailing Alternatives To Bolt And Uber In Nigeria, Here I have gathered a list of ride-hailing companies in Nigeria that are great alternatives to Uber and Bolt:

List of Ride-Hailing Alternatives To Bolt And Uber In Nigeria


InDriver is a Russian ride-hailing company that branched into Nigeria in August 2019. It has a presence in 200 cities across 25 countries including Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. Unlike other taxi-hailing apps using a unilateral billing structure, inDriver allows riders to negotiate charges with drivers. Find out more about how InDriver works here.

Rida Nigeria

Currently only operating in Abuja and Lagos, Rida lets users select ride prices independently. The passenger makes a ride in the app, and drivers can accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. With Rida, you can travel around the country, not just within the city.


Released in 2015, Max.ng is a ride-hailing and delivery company that offers clean and affordable transportation in Nigeria.

Currently, in more than five countries, Max.ng has amassed more than nine million completed trips. Part of the company’s goals is pioneering Electric Vehicle Mobility in Africa for a greener earth.

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Electric cars are 50% cheaper to use, unlike gas ones. They require cheaper and less frequent maintenance. Electric charging cost is below N3/km while gas cost is N6/km which means transport operators can save more money.


SafeBoda entered into the Nigerian market in 2019 using Ibadan as its base.  They operate exclusively bike-hailing. Three months after its release in Nigeria, the Ugandan company completed one hundred thousand trips. Later, in June, SafeBoda Nigeria became the official transportation partner of the Oyo State National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).


Shuttlers is a bus-sharing company on several routes within Lagos. Since its launch over five years ago, it has made over 5 million trips on about 30 routes with more than 100 partnered buses.

Here’s a look at how Shuttlers works.

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