The Easiest Ways To Fund Your OPay Account Without An Agent

OPay is a banking app on mobile that helps you purchase airtime, order and pay for food and other utilities in real-time. In this article, I’ll share with you how to fund your Opay account without an agent.

Opay supports card payments with MasterCard, Visa, and transfers from banking apps. Some more good news is that you can now use OPay USSD code to make transactions.

Some Opera products on OPay App

  1. ORide (defunct)
  2. OBus
  3. OFood (defunct)
  4. OKash
  5. Owealth
  6. EasyCash
  7. OCar (defunct)
  8. Airtime, Mobile data purchase, and bill payment.

“You can now transfer money directly from any bank in Nigeria into your OPay balance using your phone number,” says the company. Nonetheless, you must remove the first digit. For example, if your phone number is 070876543280, then your OPay account number must be 70876543280.

Now how can you top-up your OPay balance? Follow these steps below to get it done.

How To Deposit Money Into Your Opay Account Without An Agent

The 3 major major ways to fund your Opay account without an agent are:

  1. Through your bank App
  2. Through your wallet using ATM card
  3. Via agent

Fund Your OPay Account Using An ATM Card

After downloading the App from Google Play Store using an Android Phone, fund your account with either your ATM card or bank app like this:

  • Step 1: Go-to balance
  • Step 2: Select Add Money
  • Step 3: Select Add new payment options
  • Step 4: Select the card icon
  • Step 5: Enter your card details
  • Step 5: You’ll be redirected to the authorization page for you to input OTP and you’ll be credited.

Fund Your OPay Wallet Using The Bank App

  • Step 1: Open your bank app
  • Step 2: On the list of banks, click on paycom or OPay.
  • Step 3: Enter the amount you want.

You can also move money from GTB to your Opay account or from another bank to the mobile money app. Revisit the guidelines whenever you want to use any of the products and need to fund your OPay wallet.

After funding your account, you can now order OFood, ORide, have savings, take out a loan (OKash) and recharge.

To use any of the above products, you must first download the App on the Google Play Store for Android. Fund your account and choose any of the products you want, then start enjoying the comfort.

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