GWC real estate limited is a real estate brand that’s into real estate development and management.

GWC real estate limited is a high-profile real estate and property marketing agency .

It’s in charge of developing and selling landed properties all over Nigeria.

its headquarters is located at Enugu but it operates majorly online to bridge barrier of distance

Over the years, this company has provided and solved real estate challenges for individuals and organizations such as private properties such as mansion, duplex, semi detached house, bungalow and company spaces

GWC real estate offers a wide range of real estate services which includes real estate development, real estate marketing, real estate partnership, acquiring of lands and buildings and creating a new piece of land

These services are tailored to meet individual financial capacity and taste, these services are delivered by a group of professionals.

GWC has been in existence for a long time, and it has a reputation of providing high-quality services to individuals and organizations.

reach out if you need any of the above listed services.

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