AI tools are the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines to make your work easier.

Types of AI tools


There are several AI tools out there and they include.


A chatbot is an AI tool that mimics written or spoken human speech to simulate a conversation with a real person, chatbots are also known as virtual assistants.

Chatbots can either be web-based apps or stand-alone apps.

They send automatic messages in form of text, audio, and videos.

Chatbots are a must-have because they provide 24/7 support, they reply faster, have more customer interactions, etc.



If you work and get paid by the number of hours you worked, you will need a time tracker to record the number of hours you have worked.

Although, time tracker will require you to record your work manually but timely does everything for you.

Timely can be integrated into third-party apps like Asana, Gmail, Slack.



Taking notes during meetings is a great idea but they might make you lose track of the meetings and skip important things

AI tools like fireflies help to take notes during meetings so that you can focus on your meeting, this is better because it creates error-free notes.


Video creation is important for your business because people are attracted to visuals more than text.

Having the text of what’s being said on your video displayed is marketing on another level.

With VREW, speeches from the videos will be generated, it has features like text color, fonts, style, size, border, and shadow.


This helps to make corrections on your writing.

Grammarly checks for incorrect usage of language and suggests the appropriate language,

It also checks for incorrect spelling, clarity, engagement, and punctuation, detects plagiarism,

It allows users to customize their styles, times and context, it’s also known as typing assistant.

This is a marketing AI tool that’s used to generate high-quality ads copy, emails, articles, landing pages, websites, blogs, and social media pages.

To generate any of these, you should type in your brand name or product and a copy will be generated for you

It helps creators explore their creative potential.

It helps writers overcome writer’s block and repackage their content.


Acrolinx is an AI marketing software that improves the quality of content, so they align with the brand,

It allows you to add style, tone, and company-specific words and it also offers suggestions for improvements.

Acrolinx helps you produce better-performing content that delivers the right result.


It is an AI design tool used to design professional websites, desktop interfaces, web and mobile apps
Uizard have design templates where you can drag and drop and edit to your taste, it’s also known as AI design assistant.



AI tools are a must have because they help to make your work easier.

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