CV which is the acronym for curriculum vitae is a document used in job hunting, it that shows your level of education, experience, skills, hobbies, and referees.

A CV is the first document your interviewer gets to see, so you need to create an impression.

Organizations makes use of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen CV, so you need to tailor your CV according to the role you are applying for.

What to include in your CV


Contact details:

this includes your name, phone number, location, and email address.

Your email address should be a combination of your first and last name so that it looks professional, For example,

Personal statement or profile:

this states your top skills, achievements, and experience relevant to the role.


the schools you have attended, the degree you earned, their location, and the years you graduated


skills included should be relevant to the role you are applying for, you should include hard and soft skills such as teamwork, and the ability to communicate,

Your skills shouldn’t exceed 8 and they shouldn’t be less than 4, You should also state projects where you utilized your skill.

Your Proficiency level should also be included e.g., beginner, intermediate or expert,

For example, a beginner in fashion design, sketched and designed a simple basic bodice gown.

Work experience:

this section allows the interviewer to see your career path,

You should state work experience relevant to the role you are applying,

This section should include the title of the role, the company, dates of employment, your responsibilities and achievements for each job, research work, fieldwork, and volunteer.

You should state your work experience from the most recent, that way, your recruiter will take you seriously.

Awards and honor:

include any award you have won, the year, the competition, the organization that organized it.

Publications and presentations:

if you have written any piece that got published, add it, and provide a full citation, including the name of your co-authors, the date it was published, the page and DOI number,

For your presentation, and state the title, date, and venue of the place you presented.

Licenses and certifications:

you should include the name of the license or certification, the date it was awarded, and the institution that awarded it.

Professional association:

state the name of the organization and the date you were an active member.


referees should be trusted people who can vouch for you, state their name, phone number, and place of work

Don’ts of writing a curriculum vitae

Don’t state your address, for example, No 20 Adesanya Street, Off, Surulere, Lagos shouldn’t be included in your CV, rather the state, for example, Abuja.

Details like marital status, date of birth, sex, place of birth and religion shouldn’t be included.

Your referee shouldn’t be a family member.

Don’t include a passport-size photograph or any other photograph.

Don’t use fancy or casual language, keep it professional.

There shouldn’t be grammatical errors.

Don’t make your CV too long.



CV is an important document for everyone who’s job hunting,

Make it presentable and ensure its following the applicant tracking system rules.

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