How To Change The Font Color Of Your WhatsApp Status

Have you ever wondered how to change the font color of your WhatsApp status? As WhatsApp evolves, new features and ways to add some personality to your chats become available. Creating text in bold or italic, as well as sending GIFs and stickers, is possible. But writing WhatsApp messages in a different font color is still not natively possible.

However, you may use third-party programs to modify the WhatsApp font color, and we describe how to do it here.


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To change the font color, which app do you need?

Explaining how to change the font color of your WhatsApp status is simple. You can achieve this by downloading third-party apps. They include ‘Color Texting Messenger,’ ‘Cool Fonts For WhatsApp And Text’. As well as ‘WhatsBlue Text.’

These apps are normally free, though adverts may appear.

For example, in the ‘WhatsBlue Writing’ app, there is a ‘Fancy Text’ option that allows you to compose a message and have it displayed in a variety of styles, including blue text. Then you simply select the desired style or color, and the program will give you various possibilities for using this text, one of which is simply captioned ‘WhatsApp.’ You can then send this message to contact through the messaging app by clicking here.


What is the procedure for changing the color of your status?

The procedure for changing the color of the text in your WhatsApp status is nearly comparable. The identical processes would be followed on a third-party app like ‘WhatsBlue Text.’

However, instead of selecting a contact to send the message to, you would select ‘My Status’ when you click the ‘WhatsApp’ option.

You may then alter the backdrop color of your WhatsApp status, which is a built-in feature of the app, and then tap the ‘Send’ button once you’re satisfied with how it looks.

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