iOS Feature That Boosts Call Quality

Are you aware of the strange iOS feature that boosts call quality? It is in the Control Center of Apple’s iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. And it dramatically improves vocal quality while using audio and video calling apps.

This wonderful, hidden iOS feature that boosts call quality is Voice Isolation. Despite the fact that it was disclosed when iOS 15 was released, it has mostly gone unnoticed. But it’s fantastic, and it always blows people’s minds when they discover it. Voice Isolation and its remarkable benefits have recently risen to prominence from the depths of your Apple device’s settings.

I had no idea that a) Voice Isolation was a feature on the latest iPhones/Airpods. And also that b) it worked so well. On the other end, it’s wonderful – you can just hear the person you’re speaking with. I’m surprised it doesn’t switch on automatically!


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How to use this hidden iOS feature to boost your call quality?

Toggle Voice Isolation on by sliding down from the top-right corner (iOS/iPadOS). Or clicking (macOS) in the top-right corner of your screen. Then select the ‘Mic Modes’ menu once on WhatsApp, or FaceTime (audio or video). You can even try it with a Zoom call on your Apple device. The default setting is ‘Standard,’ however, there are two additional options: Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum. The one you desire is Voice Isolation.

It’s essentially noise cancellation for your voice. The microphones on your device aggressively analyze all incoming noise and filter out unnecessary background noise. This makes your dulcet tones considerably clearer in noisy surroundings.

Users have only had positive experiences, with it largely excluding everything from barking dogs to loud MacBook fans from calls.

To be clear, Voice Isolation works on the majority of modern iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It works as long as they’re running iOS 15 or macOS Monterey (tried it on an ancient iPhone 7 and it didn’t work).

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