Oracle Launches Sovereign Cloud for EU

Big, likely delightful, news as Oracle launches sovereign cloud for EU. Data sovereignty is a topic that EU regulators are focusing on more and more. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has responded by introducing additional sovereign cloud zones for its clients in the area.

According to Oracle, businesses from both the public and private sectors in the EU will be able to host sensitive, regulated, or strategically important regional data and applications in the new OCI sovereign cloud areas.

The new sovereign clouds, according to OCI, extend this practice by limiting operations and customer support responsibilities to EU residents. This could assist customers in demonstrating alignment with pertinent EU regulations and guidance. OCI asserts that it already does not move customer content from the regions that its customers choose for their workloads.


Oracle launches new sovereign cloud for EU: What are the details?

The cost for OCI services will be the same as in the current OCI regions. And the pricing for European Union Restricted Access (EURA) will not change. The same levels of support and financially supported service level agreements will also be provided (SLAs).

Additionally, customers will be able to buy services and take part in OCI programs like Support Rewards. This can achieve this using their current, Oracle Universal Credits.

According to Oracle, the first two EU-wide sovereign cloud zones will be in Germany and Spain. Access to operations and support will be limited to citizens of the EU and particular EU legal organizations.

Oracle has stated that the sovereign cloud regions will be conceptually and physically distinct from the currently operational public OCI regions in the EU, such as those in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Marseille, Milan, and Stockholm.

“A key component of our cloud adoption is using cloud services with data centers that are located in the EU, operated, updated, and supported by EU citizens, while maintaining isolation from non-EU cloud regions, “said Jarkko Levasma, director-general of the Finnish Ministry of Finance’s Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Added him: “This will create opportunities for the government of Finland to deploy infrastructure, platforms, and software-as-a-service.

Not just Oracle is attempting to solve data sovereignty challenges in the release of its products.

Google has unveiled a new set of tools for Google Workspace that it claims would provide public and commercial companies in the EU with additional “digital sovereignty” capabilities.

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