Microsoft Edge Passes Chrome In One Market

Finally, Microsoft Edge passes Chrome in one market. Google Chrome still holds the top spot in the online browser rankings. But new data reveals that Microsoft’s main service is progressing in a significant market.

Microsoft Edge is the most used web browser among businesses. This is according to a survey of 3,000 employees done by TechRadar Pro and Perimeter 81. (37.77 percent ).

The proportion that Microsoft Edge enjoys in the business world is far higher than its position in the general market. Statcounter pegs this at about 4%, despite the fact that Google Chrome isn’t far behind (33.01 percent).

Microsoft Edge passes Chrome in one market despite facing uphill battle

Microsoft Edge’s user base rapidly increased in the months after its release in early 2020. But many of these increases were due to Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer being phased out.

Microsoft has since struggled to make any notable progress despite a steady stream of feature updates. And also despite fresh marketing initiatives, and the inclusion of Edge within the company’s new Windows 11 operating system.

The most recent data reveals that while Edge has surpassed Firefox in the rankings, it still trails Safari (18%) and Chrome (65%)—the default browsers on iOS and Android, respectively—by a significant margin.

Microsoft has also made a lot of its own goals that are unlikely to have won over any new users to the new browser.

For instance, after users voiced their discontent, the corporation was recently compelled to reverse a policy that unreasonably increased the amount of friction involved in changing the default browser.

Another strategy that received criticism from the community was Microsoft’s attempts to prevent links opened through its own services (such as Windows 11 widgets, the Start Menu, etc.) from opening in any browser other than Edge.

However, Microsoft will be encouraged by the news that Edge has emerged as the preferred browser for businesses. Demonstrating the success of the company’s efforts to emphasize attributes like security.

For instance, in the past year, the company has improved the built-in password manager. And it has launched an integrated VPN service, and unveiled a “Super Duper Secure mode”. This is intended to defend against a variety of browser-based threats.

Microsoft Edge will need to lay a claim to a certain niche or use case if it is to fight head-to-head with the market giants. Maybe it has found one in the business market.

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