Valve Rolls Out Exclusive Steam Deck Handheld PC

Valve’s innovative handheld PC, the Steam Deck, is officially out now – but only to a select few. Valve Rolls Out Exclusive Steam Deck Handheld PC

The hardware release was initially scheduled for December 2021, but was unmet and pushed back due to issues with the supply chain. Despite the hardware release, many orders will only be available after the year’s second quarter.

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When asked if it would meet these pre-orders successfully, Valve president Gabe Newell praised the Steam Deck’s unexpectedly high demand.

“The shortages are not due to supply shock, they’re due to a demand shock,” says Newell. “It’s just this huge uptake in silicon consumption that caught everybody more or less flat-footed.”

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On Friday Valve started reaching out to people who pre-ordered the handheld Steam Decks on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers have three days to complete the purchase or lose their place in the fast-growing queue.

It isn’t clear when customers will get their hardware, but Valve promises it will begin shipping on 28 February.

The base version of the handheld Steam Deck goes for £349 together with 64GB flash storage, while the top-end iteration costs £569 and comes with 512GB of faster internal storage.

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