Reps Member Purchasing Votes?

BREAKING!!! Reps Member purchasing votes? A Reps member was caught with $500,000 Dollars to purchase votes for Atiku in Rivers State and Bribe INEC

In the wee hours of Friday morning in Port Harcourt, Hon. Chinyere Igwe, a PDP member of the House of Representatives, was taken into custody with more than $500,000. He said that Atiku had given him the money to secure his election success in Rivers state.

formula used by Reps Member purchasing votes to try and rig the election

The sharing formula was also retrieved by the police from him. They intended to send money to Security and INEC based on this document. It is alarming that the Reps Member purchasing votes has become something we’ve come to expect of Nigeria during an election. Thankfully, on this occasion, he was caught and apprehended before further damage was done.

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